Version 0.9 Released!

Its with great pleasure (and some sadness about how long it took) that I announce Power BI Layered Map v0.9 is released! This custom visual is meant to be the be-all end-all mapping solution for all your Power BI needs. Some high level features that are included in v0.9:

  • Ability to plot Lat/Lon data from Power BI
  • Ability to quickly toggle multiple feature groupings of a layer with separate filtering and styling
  • Ability to style layer fill, outline, and size, as well as add supporting images / labels
  • Ability to manage layers, groupings and features with a smart legend
  • Ability to load WMS / WFS layers
  • Ability to join Power BI data to an externally loaded WFS layer for visualization and interaction
  • Ability to draw polygon/rectangle/point/circle layers and join to Power BI for visualization and interaction
  • so much more…

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